Clicca la foto per ingrandireAntonio Floris, based in Alghero, Sardinia, is a producer of authentic natural nougat (called torrone in Italian), continuing what is a longstanding tradition on the island. The company’s torrone is made in accordance with a time-honoured family recipe, using genuine ingredients and traditional processing techniques. As an artisanal producer, we make use of cutting-edge technologies and take great care over the sourcing of our ingredients and the design of our packaging. We currently supply small-scale distribution networks, specialist confectioners and connoisseurs.Clicca la foto per ingrandire

To make our torrone, we use only high-quality Sardinian honey, almonds and walnuts. The nuts are painstakingly selected, then toasted, before being processed by hand in small quantities and, finally, hand-packaged. Our passionate dedication results in a delicious product that is worthy of a tradition that has continued for over a century.

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