Today, torrone is sold not only in large blocks to be cut into chunks and sold by weight, but also in new, more practical packaging formats that allow you savour the unmistakable taste day after day. The mainstay of our production is the classic almond-flavoured torrone, which is made from nothing but high-quality Sardinian honey and almonds, which are hand-selected (almonds with even the slightest defect are rejected) and then toasted in the factory. The torrone is processed in small batches and has a minimum nut percentage that varies from 50% for almonds to 40% for walnuts. The purely Sardinian honey we use has a complex aroma that encompasses notes of Mediterranean scrub, myrtle, arbutus berries and chestnut husks.
We devote great care and attention to all phases in the production and marketing of our products to ensure that we provide our customers with a product of the highest possible quality.

The Antonio Floris product range is available to buy in the following varieties and formats.

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