The honey and the egg whites are mixed together in a small copper pot before being simmered for at least seven hours.

In the meantime, the almonds are toasted using electric toasters. Even though all high-quality to begin with, before being toasted the almonds are inspected once again and those with the slightest imperfection are rejected. 

The percentage of almonds (or other nuts used) is undoubtedly a decisive factor in making a high-quality torrone, since it influences not only the taste but also the consistency. Our torrone is utterly authentic, with no additions of sugar, glucose syrup, starch or other flavourings, so it melts in the mouth and avoids the rubberiness common to inferior versions.

Only torrone made with honey can rightly be considered true torrone, whereas in the rest of Italy, torrone made without honey is still, erroneously, referred to as torrone.

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